What would a doctor prescribe for a toothache?

Anything from tylenol, motrin (ibuprofen), codeine, or hydrocodone (vicodin), or percocet (oxycodone). Source(s): pharmcist
Whatever he need to in charge to get you out of there. I'll let you within on a little inside information: doctors aren't dentists, and hate wasting their time and yours on dental problems. Dentists are perfectly skilled of prescribing what's needed. I have on occasion done a dental block (numbed it with a shot), and not one and only am I not nearly as good at it as a dentist, I normally have to revive the nurses, who lightheaded at the idea that I'd even bother.
Hydrocodone 3 and a antibotic
Usually a physician would refer this sort of patient to a dentist.
here are a few things you can try to numb the tooth until you get to a dentist.chances are you will be given an antibiotic first after the dental work maybe codiene depending on the procedure.http://www.howtogetridofstuff.com/health… If you can't gain to a dentist right away, such as if your tooth is bothering you in the wee hours of the morning, you need to numb the pain from the offending tooth. Here are some ways that you can relieve the anguish until it's convenient for you to go to the dentist:
Painkillers. Analgesic is a temporary way to bring under control the throbbing pain in your tooth. Paracetamol, aspirin, or mefenamic acid can support to reduce the pain from a bad toothache.
Oil of cloves. Clove grease has a chemical called eugenol, a naturally-occurring painkiller. Use stem oil, or oil brands that have a high concentration of eugenol. Place a severely small amount of clove oil at the end of a cotton bud, and very cooperatively apply the oil to the tooth. Be very careful not to apply the grease on your gums or on the tongue.
Peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has a less-offensive flavor than grease of cloves. While it is a weaker analgesic, it can be used for children with toothaches. You can also mix some peppermint oil or menthol oil surrounded by water, and use it as a mouthwash.
Salty water. If you don't have grease of cloves or peppermint oil, then plain old saline water can do the trick. Dissolve two tablespoons of table salt in a cup of hot hose, and hold the water in your mouth for as long as you can. The heat of the marine, along with the salt, can help numb the throbbing dull pain. The effect is temporary, and will usually last for the half-hour it takes for you to bring to your dentist.
Black tea bags. If you have a tooth abscess that has come to a person in charge but you can't get to a dentist on time, you can use black tea bags to draw out the abscess. Simply drizzling a tea bag in warm hose down, and hold it in your mouth for about four to six hours. The tannins and other chemicals in the tea backpack will make the pus come to the surface and drain the abscess.
Ice packs. Ice packs can abet soothe swelling and reduce pain. Do not chew ice, or put rime blocks directly on the tooth. Wrap the ice in an ice case and a thin tea towel, and place it over your cheek.

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