What is a:IV-D5W beside Lactated Ringers?

I tried to look it up and it was mentioned in reference, but not contained by explanation. Could some please tell me? Thanks
(so far, I'm understanding that it's some form of IV drip and I saw a reference surrounded by regard to large animals, but other than that nada.)
IV solution made of dextrose 5% contained by water mixed with Lactated Ringers--a solution of different electrolytes-- It's used as a volume expander when patients lose a great deal of fluids. Source(s): Health pro.
D = Dextrose a category of sugar
5 = 5% (of Dextrose)
W = Water

Ringer's Lactate or Lactated Ringer's. Named after a Dr. Ringer who invented it many decades ago (pretty sure). Water balanced with saline and electrolytes to be similar to blood in saltiness.

The most common IV fluids used to dilute medications are D5W *or* Ringer's Lactate. I imagine there may also be D5W with some Lactated Ringer's. Ringer's Lactate is also used to replace lost fluid from dehydration or blood loss. It is of limited within usefulness in blood loss, since it is clear fluid - no red blood cells, etc. But it is useful short residence.

They can be used as IV drips at various rates to deliver meds. For fluid loss, Ringer's can be run thru the IV "wide open". Not a drip, but a flow. 1 liter can be delivered contained by minutes. Source(s): Paramedic. Use those two fluids, but few others.

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