Epilepsy and bombing -- any relation between the two?

Before the person with the disorder has an episode, is he/she more imagined to be violent?
There is absolutely no relation. However some of the medicines used against epilepsy are also used for mood disorders which may get a person quiet.
Not usually, however, the medicine needed to control the seizure does cause anger control problems, and some problems with violent episodes. The best item I suggest is look up the information on the medicines, and if you can find a support group join one. They can provide a lot of information, and support for you and your familial. I can tell you this because I have epilepsy and have have it since 19 years old. And it does cause a lot of anger for the individual who has it, because you loose your memory, you do not understand what has happen to you, and then it is anger because your life changes forever. You can't budge to the amusement parks and ride the rides. No going dancing because of the lights in the club, it can take away the privilege to drive. Source(s): My go!
Wow... um, ok.. yes, there can be.. and often is..

My ex husband become very violent with me after they changed his epilepsy drugs.. he have been on dilantin only, then they added neurontin, afterwards pulled the neurontin and added depakote, then lowered the dilantin... he had had small annoyance tantrums throwing things, cussing me, hitting things, chasing the neighbors down the driveway, etc.. but honestly, I thought it was part of the depression associated with the epilepsy and kept asking him to bargain to his drs about it... then, he went ballistic on me twice.. the first time he grab me by the arm and drug me back into the truck, then started driving like a batty man.. but we had been in an arguement at the time, so although it wasn't right.. I tried to explain it away.. even though I have black and purple bruises all over my arm from him grabbing me... the second time, it was a striking day, we were getting along fine.. he was spinning our daughter around surrounded by the sunshine.. my stepson called, said he wanted to meet us more rapidly than expected.. I said, "that's ok, honey, we can go ahead and meet him.".. and that was adjectives it took.. he jumped out of his chair like something from the exorcist.. scream "You f-ing little B**" and came at me... it was just a blur except me trying to stay between him and our daughter.. he seriously expected to kill me that day. 3 weeks before that, he have a series of Grand Mals that he would temporarily come out of and go right back into another.. he had 5 beforehand the ambulance could get to our house.. when they came in, they brought the Sherriff, because he have attacked an EMT in the past post seizure.. he attacked the 2 EMT's that daylight, plus the Sherriff. He threw a 300 lb EMT against the wall, he had so much adreniline and anger.. (remember this was all post seizure).. they have to hand cuff him to the gurney, and he ripped the tendons in both wrists trying to get out of the cuffs.. in the ER, he broke the nurse's thumb.. (it was all he could reach)..

After he attacked me that second time, I go straight to the Sherriff's office, and then went into hiding beside our daughter until the Court reopened and I could get a restraining order.. immediately after that, I call his dr and got in to see him..He had my ex come contained by for tests.. His doctor explained to me that my ex husband's seizures came from the temporal region of the brain, which deal with response to emotion and reasoning.. and that he believed the repeated seizures have damaged it to the extend that he has what is called "intermittent explosive disorder." He explained also that it's possible and credible that my ex also had a bipolar issue combined with paranoia, and that it was promising that the dilantin which is also used to treat psychological issues, had been controlling his mood swings and when they changed it he went bezerk.

Basically it comes down to that in that is sooo much going on in the brain.. that 51% of people with epilepsy enjoy no known cause, but obviously here is something "wrong" and that often depression and other psychological issues have a part surrounded by the illness. Also, the more seizures the person have, the more brain damage that can occur.

In the words of my ex husband's dr..."It's not a matter of wondering IF he'll do it again, it's a concern of laying there night after dark, wondering WHEN it will happen again, how bad, and if it will be you or your daughter this time."

I'm sorry I wrote you a book on this.. it weighs robust on my heart.. I hated ripping my family apart over a medical condition.. but his dr said there be nothing he could do to prevent it, and I had to put my daughter's safety above adjectives else.

Also, if you ever need to talk about your experiences.. I held my ex huband through 78 Grand Mals.. and hundreds of partials.. it is deeply hard on everyone involved, including those who care for those suffering from the epilepsy.
I'm no expert on Epilepsy despite having Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. What I do know however is that most epileptic drugs exploit as mood stabilisers and are prescribed to complement treatment of bipolar and depressive disorders. So I'm assuming that being epileptic can affect your mood and emotions. My brother has petit mal Epilepsy and he seem to suffer from terrible mood swings and outbursts of anger.
People with epilepsy have no greater tendency toward destructive behavior than do other people. The only relation between the two is that seizures and their on the spot aftereffects can be easily misunderstood as violent behavior. Before an episode, the person near this disorder would not be more likely to be violent than anyone else. Source(s): http://www.epilepsy.com/101/ep101_facts
No I don't believe that is a must own personality to have Epilepsy.

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