Why is epinephrine administered next to local anesthetics?

Does it prolong the effect of say (Lidocaine OR Bupivacaine)?
It increases vaso constriction. Reduces bleeding. Source(s): I edify nurses
Epinephrine causes blood vessel to constrict, and this has several effects.

One of those effects is to reduce bleeding, but that isn't usually why we put it in local anesthetics.

With the exception of cocaine, adjectives local anesthetics cause blood vessels to dilate. The drug wears sour when it is taken away by the blood. Constricting the blood vessels reduces blood flow and makes the anesthetic effects end longer.

It works best with lidocaine, because lidocaine is a more potent vasodilator than the other popular LA, bupivicaine.

Local anesthetics ARE anesthetics (loss of feeling) and are not analgesics (pain relievers), although loss of feeling also eliminates dull pain. Source(s): I'm an anesthesiologist.
epinephrine is used with local anaesthetic to constrict bleeding.it is used on large parts of the body,such as the tummy or back.it is never ever used on your extremities eg fingers or toes as the viens etc are very small.using the drug will block all blood supply to these areas,gangrene sets within and people do lose fingers and toes.hope this helps Source(s): david ex nurse
Well, in the cases it's done, next sort of, yes, it causes constriction of blood vessels, which does all sorts of things you want it to, from reducing bleeding to preventing the spread of the local agent.
it is not so much to reduce bleeding

mainly it is to reduces the speed of at which the ANALGESIC (not anesthetic, it doesn't trade name you "unconscious") is diluted and "washed" away by blood flow

epinephrine is only used with local analgesics where in attendance is a large flow of blood where it is administered (plenty capillaries)

for example often surrounded by dentistry the injection is given where the nerve is easily accessible (back of the jaw) although where on earth the dental work is done has no epinephrine near it (for instance 2 or more molars away)
To add to the above answer....epi also decreases systemic absorption.

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