What is the difference between surgery, operation, and procedure?

what qualifies something as being each? for instance my sister have angioplasty, is that a procedure, surgery, or an operation. my husband had a colonoscopy which i thought was a procedure, but i've also heard it referred to as an operation. only just wanted some clarification.
surgery is operation...and different type of this operations are call procedures
Surgery is used to describe the treatment of a condition using anatomic manipulation and it's often used interchangeably beside 'procedure' or 'operation' in lay terms. An angioplasty is a procedure and although it does, indeed, involve anatomic manipulation as a means of psychotherapy, no one really calls it surgery because surgery has come to make out something more invasive.

The colonoscopy only involves anatomic manipulation if a polyp is removed or perhaps a biopsy is obtained—otherwise it's a diagnostic procedure.
Operations or surgeries are the same thing and involve breaking the skin. Procedure is nice of surgery light, but it can include things that are not surgery. Colonoscopy isn't surgery unless the cut polyps because no cutting is involved. Technically angioplasty is surgery because the cut the skin. Colonoscopy is a procedure.

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