How much does trigger thumb surgery cost?

I've recently been told i need surgery to fix my trigger thumb. how much does this surgery cost/ will it stop me from writing?
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) set the standard allowance schedule upon which all other insurances select their fees. These fees are public record. If you know any procedure code (CPT code) you can look them up here:

There are several surgical treatments for trigger finger. One is call a "tendon sheath incision" (CPT 26055).
CMS values CPT 26055 at ~$540.

Just about every other insurer (except medicaid) will pay more for a procedure than CMS, so surgeons and institutions will charge 1.5-3 times difficult than the CMS fee knowing they will be paid a lower amount (but more than CMS).

Anticipate the surgeons and facilities fees to total ~$900-$2000... and you haven't rewarded the anesthesiologist yet... another $400-$1000.

Makes you want to move to Canada, doesn't it? Source(s): MD
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