What will a MRI Show that a CT Scan does not?

Ok im 16 and for over a year iv been having pressure headaches and stiffness and pressure surrounded by my neck thats extremely painful.I also have interminitint rear legs pain.I was first ordered a head ct scan that come out normal.So then he ordered a mri of my neck.It showed i have some kind of cyst at the base of my skull.He said he could not be sure if that was whats causeing the distress.So hes ordering a MRI of my brain...what would/could that show that the CT did not
MRI has higher resolution than CT (think of it as going from a coarse old TV to a high-def plasma screen).

In addition, there are different modes of MRI that can be used to point up small bleeds, or places where something is invading the blood-brain barrier, or subtle changes surrounded by neurons, that won't be picked up on CT.

Finally, CT has trouble near the bottom of your brain, where in attendance is a lot of bone that can interfere with the radiation. MRI uses magnetic signals, and so give a much better picture of this area. I suspect this is the biggest reason your doctor wants the MRI, especially given that you own a cyst near the base of your skull.

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