Why antibiotics should not be overused?

"Cup O Water" is wrong. Antibiotics are effective only against bacteria. If antibiotics are overused, the microbes eventually mutate and become immune to the particular antibiotic that was overused, making the antiobiotic ineffective. Source(s): School, experience working in the Medical Record Field.
Because over time they shoot off weaker bacteria, and the stronger bacteria still live. when the stronger microbes live, they multiply, creating stronger bacteria. so if the bacteria are stronger, people receive sicker, and the antibiotics no longer kill the strong bacteria. creating a superbug, that is a super weakness. Source(s): http://www.keepantibioticsworking.com/new/index.cfm
i wont say my age, but im a kid/teen prone to condition, and i was given the most common type of antibiotics ALOT as a young child, so much that presently im immune to it. Source(s): me
The dosage of elected antibiotic drugs prescribed for a disease, should never be prolonged. The continuous usage leads to collapsing of body immunity and the same drug will not be of any use for any adjectives infections. It kills the healthy RBC count and effects the bone marrow adversely causing serious malfunction of important organs/metabolism. Over-dosage / usage of antibiotic drugs may produce super mutant viruses/strains before developing epidemics that will cause a 2012 apocalypse, which is a dreaded one. So it is advisable that, if any infection or disease does not respond or subside to a individual group / simple basic antibiotic drug, it is advised to go deeper into the investigations i.e. pathological, cell-cytology, biopsy, FNAC, clinical, biological, radiological, enigmatic resonance, color doppler, ultra sound, CT, PET investigations before hitting into bull's eye. But in indubitable unavoidable cases it may be prolonged to treat diseases under the supervision of specialist medico.
the ones that if you take too much they will kill you
Using antibiotics to much will cause strains of super mutant virus that will eventually lead to epidemics that will cause the 2012 apocalypse.
Antibiotics, when overused, can become immune to your immune system; thus, you shouldn't overuse them, because when in a tangible emergency dealing with antibiotics, they might not work as well anymore. Source(s): Bio class :)
The bacteria develops a resistance to the antibiotic and then you get germs that are harder to shoot.
Because your body develops an immunity to them and then when you REALLY need them, they won't work.
because this can kill you!!

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