Can this be cured? pancreatitis?

My sister was in the hospital last week for roda virus.
she be vomiting,diarrhea, stomach pain and headaches.
she was treated, and presently feels much better.
the doctor told us that we need to keep her on a low flab diet. it has to do with her pancreas....there's no symptoms but its there.
can someone please compress me in more on this?..
can this be cured? is it serious?....what types of food should she be given...and what types should be avoided? (Shes only 7 years old)
Please...give me some information.
She should probably stick to a low-fat diet. Avoid fatty foods like fries, burgers, chocolate, any fried, etc. It'll make her more sick. You nouns worry but its alright. Pancreaitis is curable. If you are still concerned, you should take her back to the hospital. Good luck
I am no doctor. The little I know about it is that the pancreas as a rule secretes digestive juices into the intestines.

If the duct is blocked so the juices cannot flow into the intestine they spill out into the tummy and cause digestive damage.

avoid uncooked soy products, fat and alcohol, even the small amounts found in cough/cold products.

See the link below:…

If the problem does not resolve itself soon see a board certified gastroenterologist to make confident the diagnosis is correct. As the Merck Article above suggests, you need to rule out Cystic Fibrosis.
Rotavirus infections aren't by any way a common reason for pancreatitis, and I'd first wonder whether she has pancreatitis at adjectives. I suspect she may have been over-diagnosed, perhaps base on an unreliable test such as serum amylase.
But to be safe, she certainly should stick to the low-fat diet for presently. There's nothing particularly difficult about low-fat diets: surrounded by general, fruits and veggies don't have much fat, meat may, and dairy products aren't much of a problem these days, with fat-free milk readily available almost everywhere. Pancreatitis, if she does indeed hold it (and again I have my doubts) generally goes away on its own, and usually surrounded by short order. Chronic pancreatitis generally is only a problem contained by people with ongoing reasons for the things that motive acute pancreatitis: alcoholism, hypertriglyceridemia, and things your sister almost certainly doesn't have.
Ive be hospitalised with pancreatitus. Definately low fat and low cholesterol. Excercise on a daily cause will be very helpful.

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