What is bilateral venous duplex ultrasound?

Simply to add to what the first author mentioned duplex refers to the fact that in noninvasive vascular imaging, a B-mode figure and a color doppler image are placed side by side when scanning such that color corresponds to direction and speed of blood flow withing blood vessels.

Arterial duplex is set up for different velocity to avoid aliasing but it's the same principle of using the doppler effect and dsplacing a B mode next to a doppler color display to show the blood flow inside the artery in the travel case of carotids.
A venous duplex ultrasound is a test that helps diagnose DVTs (deep vein thrombosis). Bilateral in recent times means both legs. DVTs are blood clots that can sometimes occur in your legs and if gone untreated can cause a plethera of problems (from pulmonary embolism to stroke).

Are you having leg pain, numbness, cold foot, oddly colored parts of your legs or fevered spots on your legs?

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