Is it possible to overdose on L'il Critters Gummy Vites? What are the side effects of it?

I know, that it only says TWO per day, but I'm thirteen and stubborn. :x
I ate resembling 4, but will that cause me any harm? :x
If so, please tell me !
And yesh, I am aware of the, "Take with the sole purpose as directed. Do not exceed suggested dosage." :O
oops? heh .
You will be absolutely fine. You might get a slight stomach ache or slight diarrhea, but those problems are slightly unlikely after eating only four doses. If you do experience either of those problems, it will receive better soon and doesn't signal a larger problem. Experiencing any problems seems unlikely unless you usually have a sensitive stomach.

Although you will be absolutely fine, you shouldn't do this every year, and you shouldn't do this with 100 doses instead of only 4.

How do I know you will be fine? Simply put, if you think of almost any children's vitamin on the bazaar that tastes good or looks like dinosaurs or computer graphics characters, then there is some child who has eat a whole bottle of those vitamins in one sitting. This happens adjectives the time. Often the child is much smaller than you, and they eat a whole bottle. A smaller child taking more pills means much highly developed levels of vitamins in the blood. Sometimes the child throws up afterward, but anything worse is very unusual. This happens so often, they simply aren't allowed to make pills look similar to dinosaurs if eating a whole bottle is dangerous.
I dont know what vitamins they contain specifically, but if they are mostly adjectives water soluble vitamins, like the B vitamins, or vitamin c, any excess can easily be excreted through the urine. However, the oil soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K can present in overdose symptoms. However that would most likely come from taking a adjectives bottle of vitamins. Also, if they contain iron you need to come down with your gummy vite eating. Iron poisoning is exceptionally common in children overtaking vitamins. But like I said i dont know what specific vitamins or doses of respectively they contain, so you need to check it out, and preferably get some candy gummy bears instead if you must own them.

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