What is the difference between Vascular surgery and Cardiac surgery?.?

In addition, i was simmilarly wondering: does a cardiac surgeon have (in accessory to having a M.D.) to be a licensed M.S. or can they just have their M.S. but not a M.D. to achieve surgery. i have read some doctors who claim to have ' M.D., Cardiac Surgery ' but not a M.S., I would greatly appriciate some much needed clarification on this matter. Thank You!
Vascular surgeons do things close to repair aneurysms, revascularize limbs with arterial bypass operations, and create arteriovenous fistulae for hemodialysis. When their patients decline to quit smoking, they eventually cut off the limb they revascularized the year before.

CT surgeons do heart surgery (coronary artery bypass and valves), thoracic aneurysms, and surgery on the lungs. (Though they usually pick any heart or lung to specialize in).

What's an M.S.? Masters? Not in the US. All we need is a bachelor's degree, an M.D., completion of a residency and (for CT and various vascular surgeons) a fellowship.
A vascular surgeon would operate on veins and arteries. I've actually never heard of vascular surgery as a specialty. A cardiac surgeon operate on the heart.

Physicians generally go right from college to medical school. Many of them don't get hold of a Masters degree unless they want to go into medical research. Sometimes doctors go fund to school to get a special masters, like a MPH, Masters within Public Health.

In order to be a surgeon, you must be an MD or DO. An MS (if you mean Masters in Science) is insufficient for licensure.
Both are sub-specialties of surgery. Vascular surgeons can repair or bypass diseased blood vessel and perform amputations. It's a competitive field of surgery. Cardiothoracic surgery is another sub-specialty. To become a vascular or CT surgeon in the US, you obligation an undergraduate degree, followed by a medical degree (MD), followed by residency training in surgery. A fellowship contained by the specialty of choice follows the surgical training.
Google has heard of vascualar surgery as a specialty. 952,000 times,

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Endovascular Therapy Perspectives in Vascular Surgery and
Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) “Vascular Specialty. Action Committee” presently seeks to advance these interests. Our society lacks the revenues to mount a ...
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