Can physician assistant prescribe medication contained by tx?

i wanna be a PA but i don't know if texas will allow me to prescribe medications.
You prescribe drugs under a doctor's license. Meaning you can bestow drugs to a patient in clinic, but not to a family contributor or friend.
NO. Leave that to the actual physician. You'll get in serious decriminalized trouble if you try to prescribe medications without the proper license.
According to TX Medical Boards:

Q: Can a PA sign a prescription for controlled substances?

A: Yes, the PAs supervising physician must delegate prescriptive authority allowing a PA to sign prescriptions for controlled substances, also called planned drugs, as well as Dangerous Drugs. However, PA's are limited to Schedules III - V. All prescription drugs that are not controlled substances fall into the category of "unsafe drugs." A list of controlled substances can be found at: Source(s):

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