What is this pill? It say IP 110?

It is a white pill. I think it is a hydrocodone. it is about a year old. Is it undisruptive to take? If I only take partly while that make the "high" not as strong? I just had a tooth pulled and i'm contained by pain and out of my other meds. This leftover pills from my sisters surgery that she gave me a year or two rear legs... Any idea? This is hydrcodone correct? & a half is not a strong? Oh, and it wouldn't matter if it be 1+ yrs old?
shelf time of pills is actually important and if you're guessing what the pill is you probably shouldn't take it

It IS hydrocodone.

if it have been removed from its packaging, its probably unsafe to take. Take a forty winks to pass through the pain phase

and i'm sure if you see you dentist and have a tooth pulled, he prescribes an analgesic.. :)

If you trust the source then yes, it's hydrocodone/tylenol.

53746-0110-01Hydrocodone/APAP 10/325mg Tabs Norco RX AA C-III Pain Reliever 100 white/off-white

From this manufacturer:
medicne expires 6 months after it is opened/prescribed/whatever

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