Can you inject alcohol into your vein?

I was wondering if you could take like a shot of some thorny liquor and inject it straight into your veins. You would get drunk instantly, no? And there would be no style for police to prove this via a Breathalyzer, correct?
yea toddler umm actually i dont know
There is an intravenous solution of alcohol, but booze won't do for several reasons. First, it's unsterile, pyogenic, and seriously hyperosmolar, with lots of impurity (most booze is 40 or 43% alcohol). Second, the breathalyzer measures alcohol expired from the lungs, and it'll measure exactly the same as if you swallowed in the majority way. Alcohol is rapidly and totally absorbed within the stomach, but some of the alcohol in the bloodstream is then expired, though most of it is metabolized in the liver.
While this would get you drunk (although it would be very dangerous) it will not save you from a breathalyzer.
You in truth excrete a certain amount of alcohol out of your lungs. Breathalyzers measure this, and calculate the even of alcohol in your blood, it doesn't matter how you took the alcohol.
On a side note, IV alcohol is in reality used to treat ethylene glycol (antifreeze) poisoning. (under strict medical supervision of course). When a hospital in rural Australia ran out of medical grade alcohol they have to use IV vodka to treat a patient.… Source(s): Doctor
are you Fking insane? unsurprisingly not you'll end up killing yourself. alcohol is absorbed during incorporation during digestion. obviously you don't want put hard liquor in your own blood its insane.…

Already be asked, and limaxray gave a pretty damn good answer so I'd suggest starting there.

Although contained by regards to beating a breathalyzer, you really shouldn't be in a situation where on earth the police would wish to breathalyze you. However no, it still would not help you beat a breathalyzer question paper as they work by measuring the amount of alcohol that has passed from your blood to your lungs (in the same instrument that Carbon Dioxide does to exit the body) so even if you injected the alcohol, it would still leave the body through your breath leaving you vulnerable to the breathalyzer.

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