Can you buy thyroid medication over the counter?

hi there i was just wondering if you could buy this type of medication over the counter.for some time immediately i have been showingg all the symptoms of have an underactive constantly tired,put on some weight,feeling low etc .i have be to my doctor and he said that my levels thyroid levels are low but i dont need medication. but it have been going on for months and i now get really discouraging i was wondering if you could buy this medication anywhere in the uk.abundant thanks
No - its prescription only. Go rear legs to your doctor and complain or change doctors. Not sure the headaches are connected though, maybe it would be worth getting your eyes tested. Do your hand shake? Do your eyes bulge? Both are thyroid symptoms - I have had an overactive thyroid and now it is lower than active. I take medication but even if you can buy it on the internet, I wouldn't trust the source.
No, thyroid hormones are not offered over the counter, nor should they be. If you are not satisfied with the answers from your doctor, you should wish a second opinion. But there are many risks involved within beginning thyroid hormone replacement therapy, and it requires the expertise and monitoring by a qualified physician. If you haven't seen an endocrinologist, you haven't see an expert in endocrine disorders, which is what a thyroid hormone deficiency is. As for your headaches, at hand is no reason to believe that they have anything to do with a thyroid condition since nearby may be multiple causes for headaches. Source(s): RN
No it's a prescription only medication. If you suspect you have an underactive thyroid consequently ask your Doctor to do a thyroid function test. If you attempt to take Levothyroxine and you don't actually enjoy an underactive thyroid, it can potentially be life threatening.

Levothyroxine is taken by people to replace a lacking inbred hormone. If you take Levo when your thyroid levels are normal, this will result surrounded by your thyroid levels becoming too high leading to hyperthyroidism and even a thyrotoxic state which can lead to strokes, seizures and life threatening arrhythmia's- all of which can organize to a coma and death. Do NOT take Levo unless it has be prescribed to you and confirmed that you have an under-active thyroid gland. Source(s): Registered Nurse

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