Which is the better disinfectant, isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide?

What are the pros and cons of each, and which kills more bacteria and virus? Are at hand certain things that only isopropyl alcohol can be used for and hydrogen peroxide can't be used for with respect to human health/hygiene and vice versa? I live in New York and many of us are concerned with this Swine Flu. Thanks.
I am not sure any of those things can shoot virus in general but we use alchol content generally surrounded by the lab to get rid of bacteria and no hydrogen peroxide ., I am not sure how effective it is but it is unwholesome to humans as well...that musnt get inside of you.....it is not recommended. But contained by case of swine flu., wash your hands after any contacts. Be smart and undamaging
If you are looking for a DISINFECTANT aka NOT on human skin, then i would use household bleach as it is the most powerful disinfectant (for household surfaces etc). A good alternative would be alcohol but you own to be careful because the evaporation means that you may not be cleaning as thoroughly.

If you are asking about an antiseptic (aka cleaning skin or small wounds) to be exact usually where the isopropyl alcohol vs hydrogen peroxide debate comes into play. I give my vote to isopropyl alcohol as some studies have shown that 3% hydrogen peroxide does not in fact have antiseptic effects and may even slow wound healing. The best antiseptic in my belief is betadine (its like iodine), we use it when preparing a mouse's skin for surgery in my lab and it's really powerful. Definitely stains brown though.

The best way to prevent nouns of swine flu is to wash your hands thoroughly, and don't touch your nose, mouth or eyes. Basically the precautions you would pocket to avoid getting normal flu. Also I would carry around hand sanitizer and use that. Source(s): http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/4563…
use alcohol or hand sanitizer daily . you can also use alcohol to disinfect you home. Peroxide kills microbes im injuries, if you have a cut use peroxide with isodine to pervent any infection
Wash hands more frequently with mild soap.
Bathe more frequently until the dust settles so to day.
Use appendage sanitizers with Benz...Chloride( 0.115+) is more powerful than alcohol in reducing many doomed to failure bugs. Source(s): CF
Peroxide is better to use to verbs out a wound, but good old soap & water for at least possible 30 -60 seconds is better & cheaper. Wash every time you touch anything that might carry bacteria. It's not really virtuous to soak Instruments in. Use either alcohol or bleach for that. Alcohol soaks for 10 -15 minutes will kill most microbes on metal, like tweezers or scissors, but it burns like hell in undo wounds. Of course use bleach for bed linens & clothing (not for black clothes though). Peroxide is better to clean wounds, but alcohol is the best for instruments & use to be used in the O.R. before better disinfectants & sterilization be improved. Source(s): NJ RN

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