Is Zoloft expiration date reliable?

I take Zoloft, 50mg a day. I recently run out of my prescription. Money is tight right now so I was happy to find an feeble sample bottle I got from my doctor a while back, next to 20 pills in it. Better yet the samples be for 100mg, so I basically found 40 days' worth.

I got this sample bottle just about 1.5 years ago, but there is an expiration date on the bottle of Jan. 1, 2010, so in theory the pills should be fine (the bottle be sealed, never opened). But I've been taking them about 10 days very soon and I feel depression symptoms coming back. Of course, it's always knotty to tell what's causing your depression, there's too many variables.

Is it possible that the exp. date one and only means the pills are *safe* to take until Jan 2010 - and maybe their *effectiveness* is still reduced for self so old?
Generally, drugs are still potent many years after their expiration dates. I worked one summer for a company that package expired medicine and sent it to third world countries, because it wasn't legal here anymore, but it is still perfectly fine for treating illnesses.

In expressions of effectiveness, it does decrease over time, though 1.5 years is not even close to enough time for this to go off. The expiration date makes sure you get what you pay for (with the switch word being 'pay'). Also, it would take tens of years for the drug companies to figure out how long their drug keep its potency, so it doesn't make sense to do so. See below for more info. Source(s):…
The expiration date collectively means that on this date the drug has degraded by 10% from the day it be manufactured. So a 100mg tablet may be more like 90mg of actual drug.

NOTE: This is very general. For some drugs this funds that a toxic compound has built up to unacceptable amounts through the process of degradation. Also, do not try to pilfer more to "make up" for what may have degraded. That small percentage that has degraded is considered clinically insignificant and trying to run more could just waste medication and in some cases impose an overdose.

As for your depression...I'd say it is from something unrelated to your samples. Did you miss some doses between running out of your regular script and taking the indication? Source(s): pharmacy student

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