If a sewing syringe enter your body can it travel around your bloodstream?

No, sounds like he knelt on a hypodermic...

It wouldn't move around through the bloodstream as it would get lodged.
First, a sewing needle entering your body would be terrifically painful, and so I doubt it would get all the agency in before a reflex occurred, a flinch or something, or you notice and pulled it out.

If it did enter your bloodstream I doubt it would get far. It could fit into the largest vessels, I think, but it would not be long previously it got stuck - the sharp end probably would mean it would be in motion through the lining of a blood vessel before long, and also, very few of the blood vessel in a body are wide enough to fit a plunger in them.
Nope. Not a chance. It's too big, and would have to maneuver lengthwise into a tiny vessel. It's hard ample to get needles into veins and arteries when we WANT them there - something as big as a sewing nozzle isn't going anywhere.

If you surgically placed one in a big vein or artery, you might get it to move a moment or two bit, but that's not your son's situation.

That needle might have to be surgically removed, or it can cause problems near infection in the joint.
wouldn't the fine point get stuck somewhere?? I don't think it would grasp far.

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