What do doctors prescribe Oxycontin for?

This may sound like I'm asking about how to bring back the stuff but I mean when do they prescribe oxycontin or ibuprofen or morphine? I know they give you oxy for when your getting a tooth removed, cause that's y they give it to me. But what does it depend on?
chronic & severe pain that does not respond to otc or other pain meds tried. similar to constant bad back pain
Ibuprofen is like peas in a pod thing as Motrin ans Advil & are sold without prescription for mild to moderate pain. People regard because they can get them over the counter they are safe, & often will purloin it over the safe dose or for prolong time. I had one patient surrounded by ICU who was having blood transfusions, for he took over the dose & had gastrointestinal bleeding, big time. Fortunately be developed severe stomach anguish & went to the ER in time . He recovered. Oxycontin is long acting oxycodone, similar to morphine (a little lower in the aching pill grouping), and is taken every 12 hours to maintain pain control .Morphine (and fentanyl) are the big boys, used for severe pain control. It can come any in a long acting dose,( also every 12 hours) and & in immediate acting form. Both oxycodone & morphine are control drugs and inevitability to be signed for in health care services & hospitals. Source(s): NJ RN
Morphine and oxycodone both come in normal preparations for treatment of moderate-to-severe pain, where on earth ibuprofen is more often used for mild to moderate pain. The narcotics also come in MS-Contin and OxyContin timed-release formulations for general public with chronic, intractible pain. The concept is that people beside pain 24/7, as from cancer, can have a lower but steady level of the narcotic within the bloodstream all day every day short having to pop pills every 3 or 4 hours, but they can also take the additional standard pills for more relief when needed.
MS-Contin, by the way, is a considerably older preparation but seem not to have gotten the bad press of OxyContin, though they're very much alike.
they are all pain medication. Be careful they are significantly addictive. (= Source(s): health tech student. 2nd year
Oxycodone hydrochloride (OxyIR, OxyContin) is an analgesic drug that is structurally related to morphine and has comparable analgesic buzz. Like morphine, it is a Schedule II drug. It is available in tablet, capsule, and oral solution form but not in injectable form. It is also commonly combined surrounded by tablets with acetaminophen (Percocet) and with aspirin (Percodan). A somewhat weaker but commonly used opioid is hydrocodone, which is available only contained by tablet form, most commonly in combination with acetaminophen (Vicodin, Lorcet, Lortab). And it depends when there is torment involve.

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