Oxycontin versus Opana ER Drug Testing?

I have a script for Opana Er 20mg. We have random drug screen (swabs) for drugs. I have been on Opana for about 6 months conceivably longer. I also have a script for percocet. I have never taken oxycontin. My doctor told me the opana was stronger than that. I enjoy access to try some 20 mg oxycontin. My question is if I take it how long will it be in my system and will I outdo the drug screen without a script for the oxycontin and how many will I enjoy to take to be the equivalent of the opana(2)? Also with the Opana Er you dont eat 2 hours previously of after you take it, do you eat something when taking the oxycontin or do it the same bearing? Thanks for thew answers in advance.(I read somewhere where the oxycontin is newly a stronger form of percocet so I guess I would be covered since I have a script for percocet).
The drug test is just for opiates , it doesn't show what sympathetic so you should be fine . Percocet's just oxycodone with paracetamol/acetaminophen. Oxycontin is pure Oxycodone . I've been on oxycontin for 5 years immediately and I've found it's best to have them on an empty stomach but it doesn't hurt if you eat as little as 30 minutes after swallowing them . Opana's going on for twice the strength of Oxycontin so theoretically you'd need more but I've found Oxycontin to be a very streamlined painkiller so you may not need twice the dose . If you're taking these meds for pain , I found it's best to embezzle as little as possible and see if that kills the pain before taking more. If you're taking the meds for fun , you're on the highway to Hell . Source(s): Ouch !!

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