Should I become a Doctor or a Nurse?

I've been debating wether to be a nurse or a doctor. I truly want to become a doctor, but I feel nursing is more practicle. I haven't started my undergraduate schooling yet. I enjoy a 2 small kids 5 and 3 with a wonderful hubby.There all very supportive. Nursing make more sense with having a family. But I really truly want to become a Doctor, plus my kids will be just about 10 and 8 when I would start med school.Any opinions would help. I of late want to know if I should follow my dream or go for the more practicle. thanks for everything
You should follow your dream.
You would be committing to a long course of intensive study, which will make it difficult for you unless you are really expert at managing your time and have boundless liveliness. Also, you will be deeply in debt when you finish Medical School, and will not earn any money for another 3 or 4 ( or more) years after Med School. Perhaps you can go the RN-- Nurse practicioner route. Less time, and you expiration up handling all but the most difficult cases. You have to have a 3,8 average overall, weighty in the Sciences. Taking care of a family and getting nearly straight A's will not be smooth. Hubby may well get to feeling without being seen, and that can be dangerous. Source(s): MD
First of all, it's "practical". In tablets (nursing or as a physician), details matter.

I disagree with those who say to become a nurse and later go to med school. That almost never happens. If you suggest you have what it takes to be a physician, see how your undergraduate studies go. You should be capable of get easy A's in tough courses. If you aren't med arts school material, you'll find out during your year of organic chemistry.

Either is a fine career choice. We obligation good people in both tablets and nursing. Medicine requires a HUGE investment of time, money and your soul, but the rewards (not just monetary) can make all that worthwhile.

If your household is supportive, then you have the most important entity you'll need for success in any field. Source(s): I'm a physician and a mom.
Practically speaking both are noble jobs and work appendage in hand. I suggest u should go for self a doctor because firstly u have a wonderful supporting family, secondly its ur dream and most important thirdly if u r a doc u can nurse a merciful as well and be happy seeing the patient get better in front of ur eyes and that too because of ur treatment... so go ahead dont think too much... only pursue ur dreams... all the very best to you
If you are competent to have care for your kids then I would move about for your MD. I mean nurses are to me the same thing, short the title or pay scale. So go for it DOC.
Get your undergraduate degree in nursing, and afterwards go to medical school. If you can become a doctor, then you will be rich.
Although there is a lot more schooling and money involved, soon adequate, you'd be paying it all off when you start your job.
My mother and sister are both nurses, (my mom self a nurse for over 25 years) makes about 1/5 of what my father who is a doctor makes. Plus beside being a doctor, once you do it for a couple of years, you move up in seniority, getting to choose your schedule when near being a nurse you have a very defined agenda with having to work overtime on some occasions.
So I definately say-so to go for your dream!
I guess you should go for being a nurse, and then move up to a doctor. Good luck! Source(s): my brain
My son is a doctor and qualified to be a nurse along the way. So start to become a doctor and afterwards just stop if you do not feel like continuing your lessons along the way.

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