How to preserve blood at home?

I want to fill a vial with blood ( Don't ask why, please just answer the interview ) and I don't want the blood to rot, so what can I do to keep it from rotting? Thanks.
gross but ok keep it in an airtight container and within the fridge
Sorry to disappoint you but blood is a living tissue with a short lifespan. Within the body the average lifespan of a red cell is about 120 days. In a vial it will be deprived of oxygen and nutrients and last even smaller quantity time. The only way to keep the red cell intact for any greater length of time is to cool it and keep it cool, preferably properly prepared and deep-frozen. Source(s): 38 years in medicine
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I work next to blood products and add an anti-coagulant to it so that it doesn't clot, however I will admit that I never have to hold on to the blood for longer than a day or so. I use EDTA which is also a preservative found in some foods (although not really all that legitimate and knowing what I do about EDTA, I would never eat foods that contain it - it's nasty stuff). I come up with if you added an anti-coagulant and/or preservative and kept it in a sealed container, if should be fine if all you are doing is using it as studs. Source(s): I work in a lab.
Angelina Jolie have it professionally done at a jewelry shop, not at home. The blood would have to be glycerol frozen as the person stated above, placed in an airtight, hermetic container. A medical vial will not work, it has to be completely sealed, as these will also dry out. Even after that, it has to be placed into something that will protect it.
Storing blood is actually more complex. You can store it at home in an airtight container, but in charge to do that, your blood must come directly from vein to vile using an IV. For long term storage it must be deep freezed.
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Long term blood storage is probably beyond your capabilities. You'll inevitability to buffer it with glycerol and freeze it to -80 C. If you just freeze it regularly the blood cells will be destroyed by expanding rime crystals.
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Well if you keep it in an actual vial that has a vacuum afterwards it wont rot.
Has to be stored surrounded by an air tight container. If you can somehow get a hold of a medical vial the kind used for blood test those are designed to store blood. Then you need to keep it refrigerator.
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