Has anyone bought adderall online?

living in the u.k. and want to buy aderall online, but dont know what site to use

i want adderall, not 10 reasons why i dont without a pescription... infact i dont even want one common sense.
People typically don't want to try buying it online without a prescription because it costs a lot of money, and chances are, they'll in recent times take your money and not send you anything, because sending you Adderall would be illegal. Also, you wouldn't know how to bring them to court over just taking your money because what you did was illegal, and by going to court you'd be turning yourself within.

It's just kinda not a good idea, and is much easier to shift to a doctor and make something up.

Also, if you do actually get something from the online company, it might not even be Adderall, it could be anything.

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