Help paying for an MRI?

My boyfriend needs to have an MRI to rule out MS. He has insurance (cigna) but the cost is still going to be 20% which is $920, plus the rest of his deductible for the year, which will be between $200 - $300. Does anyone know if here is a way to get help paying for this? It's so essential but I don't think we can afford $1300! I read on the MSF foundation that they will help pay but with the sole purpose if you are uninsured or your claim is denied. I am so frustrated.
Go to the same hospital where you were and explain to them there. Each hospital usually has a finance department.
I dont have insurance and had blood work and they charged me only 500 which I be surprised because last yr it cost me a thousand dollars. Its crazy!
and we supposedly live in the "greatest country in the world."

ain't that somethin?

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