Has anyone ever doubled their dose of ambien?

If you want to be out a half-month...
It's categorically not recommended due to the fact that a ton of kooky side effects have be reported in individuals that have taken just one dose. If that's the travel case in one dose, imagine what it will do to you if you double it up? The potential to easily overdose is here if you double up your Ambien which presents itself like an opiate overdose (pinpoint pupils, decreased respiratory rate, coma/unresponsiveness, even death). If you feel your dose isn't plenty for you, talk to your doctor before you decide to double up on your own.
Not medical advice....Doubling your ambien is not a big deal, it may affect you much more if you have newly started taking the pill but even then it will just make you sleep faster. Ive taken 3 doses of ambien CR and have trouble sleeping. You will be perfectly fine considering they make Ambien in 30mg pills. Source(s): Pharmacist, experience
Yeah IwasKnock out cold for almost 12 hrs. yhen the next night, I can't even own sex with my wife. Don't take medicines beyand the dosage your doctor prescribes. Source(s): I tried ambien as an anti-depressant. I am lucky to be alive
My incredibly stupid brother-in-law does it adjectives the time. Obviously he lived through it, but listen to me kiddo. Don't do it. People react to drugs differently. Where one pill may not seem to do anything, two just might be too much.
Your judgment, of course, but I wouldn't.
yes and it never made me sleepy and i took 3 (a) a time trying to sleep
I did once. I get up in a trace like state and went to run downstairs. I stepped on my pj bottom and went down the stairs on my butt, breaking my tailbone.

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