What's the difference surrounded by letting a pill dissolve beneath your tongue and only just contained by your mouth?

I have sleeping pills that say "Let dissolve UNDER the tongue".
Is it different than on top of the tongue or something?
The capillaries under your toungue are closer to the surface of the skin, and there are more of them. The purpose surrounded by holding it under the tongue is to allow the maximum effectiveness in the minimum time.

Holding on top would enjoy a similar effect, just not as fast.
The grounds you let some drugs dissolve under your tongue is so they get into your blood stream faster and thus work faster.

Under your tongue the blood vessels are very close to the surface, and it is very flowing for drugs to pass into your blood stream if held near those vessels.

Since the drug you hold says to put under the tongue that is the merely way you should take it. You should ALWAYS follow the instructions on drug packaging, especially the method of taking them. Swallowing a drug intended to be placed under the tongue may not give you the same effect as placing the drug below your tongue. Source(s): Med Student
Perhaps also to stop you tasting it? I know from gagging on an aspirin they aroma foul and it nearly made me sick.
Its not so much different its just that your tongue help dissolve it faster. you can either swallow it or put it under your tongue as long as it gets to the targeted nouns.

Hope this helped.
This is the grip for some naturopathic remedies - Bach flower essences, for instance, are supposed to be squirted under the tongue. I believe it is so they can be absorbed into the body more efficiently.

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