Can you build up tolerance to antidepressants?

can you build up tolerance to others drugs that effect the same neurotransmitters?
yes, i guess so.
i've be taking zoloft since february and i felt some little difference in the first 3 or 4 months. Now it's not making the same effect anymore, but i'm keeping duplicate dose. So yes, normally neurotransmitters tend to build tolerance to meds as time goes by, and sometimes you may need to increase dose, or amend medication.
Yes, I recently come off of Zoloft. I have been taking it for just about the last five years. Every few months my dosage would have to be upped because it didn't work as effectively. Like I said, I started taking it 5 years ago, my dosage was first 25mg up until lately I was taking 150mg daily. I got past its sell-by date of it because it had very negative subtraction symptoms. (Headache, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, electrical shocks, dizziness, and disorientation) Many SSRI's have theses side affects but only 1 within 3 people will experience ANY side affects (I guess I'm just lucky that way) So in conclusion you can build up tolerance to anti-depressants, I experienced it first-hand. Source(s): Personal experience
Yes, your body can build a tollerance to most drugs unless they kill you.

Didn't you ever hear the country song:

Tonight, the bottle let me down.
Do they become less effective? For many, yes (according to my DR) I have complained of this after being on Wellbutrin XL for 3 years. It is like any other medication/drug that you take, your body slowly adapt to it and perhaps your brain chemistry changes. Also, taking other medications can affect the means of access it is helping your depression. Many who take anti-depressants may add anti-anxiety or sleep aid medications. I would suggest discussion to your DR about perhaps switching you to a new medication or seeing if they should up your remedial dosage. (That is if you are not already taking a high dosage) Source(s): Have taken anti-depressants for years
Although it is not scientific fact some studies do show that resistance can build up within the use of antidepressants then a reliance on them occurs as not using them results in depression as your body does not manufacture much 'happy hormone' as it has become used to it being provided free of charge so to speak

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