How long can human blood remain alive outside the body? Is in that a road to prolong that time?

when a blood sample is taken, how long do the blood cells continue to live and replicate? Is at hand a way to make that last longer? Maybe by count nutrients and oxygenation? any idea what the longest amount of time such tissues remain viable, or is it virtually indefinite under the right conditions?
Blood cells don't replicate surrounded by the blood- they are created in bone marrow.
Blood is viable for transfusion for a few hours after death, but upon exposure to air, the marine dries out, and the blood cells die. Blood can be preserved in special types of plastic bags beside anti-clotting agents added (like when you donate blood.) That blood is refridgerated and gently shaken or "agitated" to keep it liquid and flowing. It is well-mannered for (i think) 6 months to a year. After than time, the blood starts to get old, and the cells start to achieve more and more fragile and lose their oxygen carrying capabilty.
Blood is a mixture of many substances which are in constant "flux," meaning the level are always changing and being replaced. Red blood cell, for example, are completely replaced in your body by six weeks.

If you are talking about blood taken from your body, if chemicals are added and it is placed contained by a refrigerator, it can last several weeks. It does not replicate outside the body, but starts to degrade.

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