Is it OK to overdose on Children's gummy Vitamins?

Just asking out of curiosity because they are extremely good for you and I don't think you could.
Very impossible idea. You can get sick from too many vitamins. Vitamin A is grease based, builds up in your body and can make adjectives your hair fall out. Other vitamins cause problems within large doses too.

Eat candy if you want sweets. Do not OD on gummy vitamins.
The number one cause of death by poisoning in children is iron containing vitamin overdose.
vitamin A is not usually contained by children's vitamins because it can cause liver damage, The vit A is usually in vitamins as "beta carotene" which is usually non-toxic (might turn your skin orange) Source(s):
Iron Overdose is a killer. especially within tasty vitamins, kids od and die quite often in reality. Don't eat those please.
No. Overdose implies taking to much. Many vitamins in sizeable quantities can be poisonous. Follow the recommended dosage and keep away from small children.
my daughter got a hold of her childrens vitamins once, thought they be candy and ate a bunch. i called the poison control hotline. they told me that too many vitamins could be very risky. she made me read off how much of each mineral was surrounded by a pill and tell about how many pills she ate. thank goodness, it was not enough to make her sick, but they said that tons kids have been poisoned and died from vitamin overdose. so it's definately not a good perception to snack on these. just get a bag of gummy worms if that's what you similar to.
YES overdose of vitamis

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