What food can be eat two days prior to have a colonoscopy?

The day before, you will be on a clear diet. tea, juice, jello, broth, etc... but nil with red dye in it like strawberry or cherry jello. You will also hold to drink this fleet enema stuff that is nasty tasting. The best agency to get that down is with a class of Mug Rootbeer. Get a tall cup, fill it with CRUSHED ice, afterwards the rootbeer (it has to be MUG) and the fleet enema. Drink it as fast as you can, then follow it beside at least 1 8 oz glass of water. You will requirement to do this twice in the evening prior to your test. STAY NEAR THE BATHROOM!!

Make sure you have someone contained by the waiting room while you are having the test done - someone with a fitting stomach for medical things would be your best bet as the doctor will come out and talk to that person and go over the photos taked during the theory test. You will not be allowed to drive home that day either.
Good luck!!
Wow! I love reading answers; but, have to be nice contained by providing mine. So let's get something straight, this isn't an opinion this is fact. You don't drink an enema (whether Fleet or any other type of enema) as enemas progress into you via the other end. Also you can't drink root beer as root beer contains (ta da) red dye. Red dye will color the colon red and will make it appear inflammed. And any weight you may lose will be stern in a day or two; so, don't get your hopes up on that one.

As for the food. doctors do it differently; but, typically two days past you should be eating lighter foods and avoiding greasy heavy foods. Basically avoid foods which are harder to digest (sausage, pork rinds, ribs and hamburgers). Think about the tyoes of foods you would guzzle if you had a stomach virus. The day before you will usually be allowed a poached egg beside dry toast. By noon you are on a liquid diet of broth and beverages which don't contain red dye or pulp. This is when you are going to start the laxatives (whatever you and the doctor agreed upon).

Until now, adjectives of mine were prepped drinking Fleet phospa soda laxative; however, Fleet recently had to talk about it because some people and/or doctors didn't read the directions and they failed to drink enough fluids and resulted surrounded by kindney problems or failure. Source(s): Enough experience doing this and always without sedation. (For me or the doctor).
Follow instructions sensibly but expect to not be allowed to take any solids. You may be allowed to take fruit juices and sea. You may even lose several pounds. Source(s): http://ibdcrohns.about.com/cs/diagnostic…

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