Can you die from an overdose of over-the-counter painkillers?

Before I go any further, I am NOT suicidal. I'm just trying to learn more roughly speaking these things so I don't look ignorant when I start helping with some friends at an outreach type program.
Can you overdose on Bayer aspirin and Tylenol? If so , does it take around 80 or more approaching just 20 or 30?
Please, like I said, I am not suicidal, I've had to lug serious measures with a good friend of mine who was suicidal, so I know adjectives about prevention.
Aspirin is a blood thinner and taking excessive amounts over a period of time can cause internal bleeding.
Taking excessive amounts of Tylenol can severely impairment the liver.
You can absoloutely die from an overdose of over the counter painkillers. You can die from an overdose of pretty much every drug.

The amount needed to die from a single overdose varies between people.
Some people can grasp seriously ill from a normal dose of paracetamol.

The maximum recommended single dose of paracetamol is 1000mg
The maximum recommended daily intake of paracetamol is 4000mg

Unisom is freshly a mild sleep aid that uses antihistamines (anti-allergy drugs) with mild sedative effects. These are unlikely to cause respiratory depression. But it can produce irregular heart beats.
Absolutely you can kill yourself. Overdoses of aspirin and NSAIDS can cause internal bleeding, and the acetaminophen contained by tylenol can cause a whole variety of problems as ably. But, with acetaminophen in particular, the symptoms may not appear until up to 12 hours after the overdose occur.
The other two responders are absolutely right. You wouldn't die immediately from an overdose of Tylenol, it takes several vastly unpleasant weeks to die of the resulting liver failure. I couldn't speculate about the number of tablets required to do this but people hold survived the ingestion of 72 500mg tablets consumed in one ten hour period. So you need abundantly. And there is a lot of vomiting along the way. First of adjectives it is a good idea not to exceed the recommended dose written on the pack. And we've got to standardise what we are discussion about here: the active ingredients of what you are asking about are aspirin, acetaminophen (aka paracetamol) and diphenydramine. Aspirin is probably the most minuscule harmful in very illustrious doses. It almost always causes gastric irritation and micro-bleeds in the small bowel anyway; we are a moment ago not aware of it and tolerate this common side effect. But too much of that is defintely going to be harmful and plentifully of it could very well cause so much erosion of the gut wall that you might bleed out internally and die. Acetaminophen (branded as Tylenol along beside hundreds of other brands) is the most dangerous. Overdosing on this puppy and you are guaranteed to check out in a very unpleasant method. Diphenydramine, found in Unisom, along with doxylamine, are powerful antihistamine derivatives that causes drowsiness by suppressing the afraid system. Your breathing and heart rate stops as a result of this suppression but the contents don't necessarily stop your breathing and/or your heart. Too much of this stuff and a person becomes irritable, violent and ultimately motionless from the damage caused to the nervous system. Unisom also casues vomiting if too several are taken. Nice precaution there, huh? The key point is all medicine are poisons. The prescribed or recommended doses are just enough poison to give you a liberating effect but not harm you. Also, if someone really wants to kill themselves, they will. There is enormously little you can do. Suicide by poison including drugs accounts for only 17% of all suicides for the twelve months ending Dec 2006. And Christmas is the acme time for depression and attempted suicide. In the US there are 500,000 admissions to the emergency department every year for self inflicted injuries alone. So when you are in that state of mind adjectives the preaching about soul and life and consequences never gets through because their disordered psyche is beyond concerning anything about themselves as precious or unique, it's just something that have to be terminated. Suicide is very common in persuaded age groups particularly young males in isolated agriculture communities. If they live in cities, young males don't need to suicide as they will probably be murdered (the No. 1 basis of death in US cities for African-American males aged 17-24 is homicide). There is only so much you can do to prevent a suicide - it is complex to do, so try to avoid taking too much of this on yourself. Good luck. Source(s):ā€¦ā€¦

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