Taking expired ibuprofen?

I have some prescribed ibuprofen that expired May 31 of this year. Is it still safe to take?
Expired prescription is safe to take, it's just not as influential.
It should be secure, only less effective if anything.
Yes, it's still undisruptive to take it, if you are willing to risk liver damage. It may be smaller number effective, but I'd take it if I were walking surrounded by your shoes. I have a best friend who is an M.D. who takes expired prescription strength ibuprofen herself. If a Dr. does it because she can't stand to throw away medication that is still influential, why shouldn't you? I have entire bottles of expired 325 mg aspirin, and I don't know how to dispose of them in an environmentally safe deportment. Source(s): 54 years, 2 months and counting of life-experience as a type 1 diabetic, and almost 38 years of friendship with the M.D. We met in freshman honors English class at Newcomb College in August, 1971,
It's safe to take. Whether it's as effective.. okay that's for you to judge.

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