Can Aspirin Lower your heart rate/ pulse?

What other types of over the counter medicine can lower the Heart rate/ pulse, What are the risk factors? , how much time will it be until the drug takes affect, will it brand name the person appear much calmer?
No, aspirin does not lower your heart rate. It can, however, reduce you risk of heart attacks. The only item you can get otc that will help with your heart rate is fish grease. Changing your diet and lifestyle can help greatly too; reduce stress, exercise, and eat improved.
Any normal dose of aspirin won't enjoy any effect on your heart rate. In fact, the symptoms of overdose are the exact opposite - it raises respiratory rate and puts the body into an acidotic state, both of which would head to an increase in heart rate, and generalized confusion/irritability (and coma/death eventually). It does inhibit clotting, but that won't have any effect on HR either (the label blood "thinner" is a misnomer - these drugs prevent clotting, but that has no effect whatsoever on the actual viscosity or density of the blood).
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I don't think so. In fact, aspirin is a blood thinner so if anything your heart would have to work harder.
No it can not lower heart rate, none of the over counter drugs can Source(s): (a)j
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