What over the counter medication could trigger a positive assessment result for benzodiazepines?

is it even possible? Its a urine test- which I assume means IR spec. Could another sedative with phenol groups (such as Tylenol PM (I think) trigger such a false positive?
Tylonal PM is tylonal and benedryal. Benedryal is NOT a benzo and shouldnt pop as one.

Are you sure you are not taking anything rx that is a benzo?
There are none that I'm aware of. Certain other prescriptions, notably Z-drugs -could- conceivably depending on what test they're using, and if they didn't run a proper confirmation.

But benzodiazepines are a distinct chemical class - there's no OTC medications next to either a similar structure, or with a similar mechanism of accomplishment.

Tylenol PM could not cause a false positive.
There are no Over the Counter medication that I am aware of that will pop false positive for benzodiazepines. Source(s): Pharmacist

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