How do you overdose on Lisinopril?

How many tablets would you have to take to die from Lisinopril overdose? How long does it purloin? Is it a guaranteed death? Is it painless?
Are trying to commit suicide?
You cant really die from lisinopril and you would have to take close to 50 to get any affect and no it would not be painless, you would touch like you're suffocating because it is going to slow down your blood pressure to the point where your body wont function.
it would be very hard to die from lisinopril.
these drugs are ACE inhibitors, and are commonly of low toxicity
Effects are usually be seen by 420mg
Mild hypotension (low blood pressure) will develop in large quantity but unlikely to produce any serious toxicity.
Peak effects usually are 6 hours post exposure (lightheadedness, dizziness, fatigue, headache) and that's it Source(s): poison information specialist

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