Vaccine mark on not here arm?

I was born in China. Sometime after birth I got this vaccine, and it disappeared this really weird scar on the top of my left arm. It's kinda big and it doesn't look similar to a needle mark. It's round, and looks sorta... violent.

Most ancestors from China (at least those born around the same time I was, or when my parents were) enjoy it. I live in Canada now, and no one born here have one. I'm 15.

Also, my friend born in Kenya has it too.

So, uh, what IS this? What was the inoculation for, and how did it leave a scar like that?
It's probably from the smallpox vaccine... look it up in Google descriptions to compare. They used to give it out to kids in the U.S. until the late 60's when it be considered eradicated in this country.
Most likely smallpox. The vaccine used to be administered by adjectives several small incisions in the skin in a # pattern, after smearing the vaccine material over the incisions. In most people, this resulted in a round blotch a centimeter or two across.

Smallpox vaccination was stopped in the US around 1970. (I hold one; my sister doesn't and she was born two years after me in '71.)
By convention recommended by the WHO, the smallpox vaccine be supposed to be given in the left upper arm. Why? To make it easier for the public form officer can readily check the scars in the school classroom. (This information be not universally promulgated in the USA. I knew a few pediatricians who gave it within either arm.) Routine smallpox vaccination was discontinued within the US in October, 1971. The vaccine continued to be given for several years afterwards in Third World countries.

BCG vaccine against tuberculosis often leaves a mark, too. It was never widely used in the US, at least not contained by the past 60 years. I cannot say what the practice was contained by China. Source(s): Retired pediatrician. I began practice in 1960s.
It might be the BCG vaccine. This is for tuberculosis.

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