Is benadryl a blood thinner?

Is the drug benadryl a blood thinner
No, Benadryl (Diphehydramine HCL) is a first generation antihistamine. It is used for allergic reactions... by countering the effects of histamine. Benadryl is considered to be the most potent anti-allergy drug.

Side effects of Benadryl: It has anticholinergic effects-- Sedation (feeling drowsy/sleepy), Dilatation of pupils (your eyes become somewhat sensitive to light), Dryness of the mucous membranes -- surrounded by the nasal passages and in the mouth and throat, urinary retention... the bladder muscle relaxes.

Blood thinners are:

1. anticoagulants- Prevent blood clot formation, but do not dissolve existing blood clots. Heparin, Warfarin

2. thrombolytics - Dissolve existing blood clots: Kinase, Streptokinase , Urokinase, ALteplase

3. anti-platelet aggregation - Prevents platelets from forming a "platelet plug": Aspirin, Clopidogrel (Plavix), Ticlopidine Source(s): Pharmacology - by Kee and Hayes

I am a nurse.
It is an antihistamine. It's used to treat allergies. It will make you sleepy.

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