Can I use expired saline nasal spray?

I have a bottle of Ocean Premium Saline Nasal Spray. It expired a while ago on 12/08, but it hasn't been opened and still have the protection seal on the cap. Is it fine to still use it? Thanks.
Its saline spray, meaning its salt and water. Assuming it have been completely sealed off and germs couldn't have entered it, it won't do you any harm.
There is a law that says they can't sell something short an expiration date on it. They even do that with bottle water and water have been around for billions of years. Anyway, that stuff is okay since it wasn't open and stuck up your nose previously and contaminated it. So it will be okay to use whenever you use it.
Most likely it is fine, but after the expiration date they can not guarantee it's sterility. Since it is unopened and a nasal spray where on earth sterility is not your biggest concern I personally would use it.

edit: This is not a medication and has no alive ingredient. The only concern is it's sterility. Since it is unopened and very unlikely to get contaminated and is going into a non sterile mucus membrane I don't see a genuine issue.
If I be you I would not.;…

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