Is it ok to mix meth and tylenol?

i've already done the meth so don't tell me not to do it... my question is can i take tylenol fast release after i've done the meth?
Just a principal question.........
If you're high on meth, how and why would you even decide that you needed to help yourself to some tylenol?
ADDITIONAL......Not sure how you can enjoy the high you are trying to achieve if the substance you're using give you a pounding migraine.
Umm just take like mad more meth and then you wont need tylenol! Ha ha. I hate unimpressive drug addicts!

If you are using meth then why do you even care? You will die from that alone anyways. Why not receive it a lot sooner? You probaby look like a skinny cracked out person that is to say dead to your family. Call the police and ask them if it is safe.
i would say yes its tylenol but hey what do i know dont take my word for it! maybe you should google that ****! LOL
OK I won't lecture you b/c you know it's only a lethal substance. I would lurk just to make sure you're still feeling ok after take the Tylenol. FYI weed is better & doesn't kill you. That's all I will utter.
Yes, so long as the Tylenol Rapid Release is just acetaminophen, it should be fine.

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