Can someone help out me next to anatomy??please?

a worker in a furniture refinishing establishment fell into a vat of pain stripper, but quickly removed his clothes and risned past its sell-by date in the saftety shower. were his safety measures correct? what fundamental organs migh suffer early damage from poisoning through skin by organic solvents?

mr> BEllazono, a fisherman contained by his late 60's coms to the clinic to complain of small ulcers on the both forearms as well as on his facade and ears. although he has had them for several years, he has not have any other porblems. what is the likely diagnosis and what is the likely cause?
1) Kidney, and liver would be the first two internal organs, but the skin is a pretty central organ also.

2) Difficult to say, where does this scenario take place? Can be anything from contact dermatitis, to parasite to squamous cell carcinoma (or the in advance version actinic keratosis) The last one would be my first guess, if it is for a test.

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