What are the foods rich within albumin?

albumin rich food ... and will it help a hepatic patient ( HCV ) to restore the normal serum albumin level ... or the diseased liver has to restore some of its function first ? ... and if there any albumin supplements that can help increase serum albumin for HCV lenient ?

O.k let try this Albumin= the word is often used as a synonym for the simple= Proteins which are soluble in Water and coagulate beneath heat and Lactalbumin= one of the Proteins of milk the albumin- ratio of the height of the egg white,Proteins are made up of large combinations of amino acids containing allots of identified as essential to biological growth and survival which Supply an adequate amount of the essential amino acids = are called "complete",THE RICHEST SOURCES protein in great amounts= egg yolk, fresh milk, liver and kidney, muscle meats=( roasts, steaks, and chops) seafood, and cheese, soy, beans nuts, peas, lentils etc'-I judge you say HEPATITIS- If you have you need to know the right diagnostic for it and beweare of buried dangers and which one of it Hepa-A.B,C,D,E you need to get virtuous treatment - with the specific remedies for the type, bed rest and proper diet - to make effort to contain it spread you inevitability professional DR' give the medicin and avoid to contact with others, To keep the virus from spreding and transport vaccination for it, good hygiene adequate sanitaion & verbs personal habits will help reduce the spread, You boil everything- hose ,food, peel all fruit ,wash hand utensils, bedding & clothing with hot water & soap Especialy in 3 weeks of illnes when the merciful is Most Contagious Do Not Share - razor, scisor, nail files, Toothbrash take the right loving of diet it very important increase inteke of fiber, including whole- grain sereal dried beans and peas, these one encorage the closing down of Toxiins accumulate in the liver you can take B12 , folic tart vitamin c, can help as well and eat adjectives the food wash or boiled like soup be good as okay - all the best Hope well and GO to the DR'

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