Adderall and Vitamin C + Antacids?!?!?!?

I have just been diagnosed beside ADD this past July and my doctor perscribed me with Adderall 20mg/ 2x a day. I hold read over and over again how Vitamin C can reduce the affects of the medication but school has newly started and i want to keep my immune system strong and healthy. I used to take 2 500mg Vit. C tablets a hours of darkness, before being perscribed and now i hold stopped due to concern about canceling out the Adderall effects. I was just curious if taking Vit. C at dark would stop my Adderal from working during the day when taken, and if so, if by taking antacids my Adderall would work correctly. PLEASE HELP! Thank you very much!
When a patient is taking several drugs at equal time, there's a need to judge a cost/effectiveness relation.

I think surrounded by your case, it's more important to treat ADD than to prevent a hypothetical disease (that you still don't have) by taking Vitamin C.

Moreover, there's still no scientific proof that Vit C superdoses (larger than the day by day recommendations of FDA, around 30-60 mg) helps to empower immune system.

Think of how much your ADD treatment will improve your day-by-day duration AGAINST the odds of having one or two common cold a year. Source(s): I'm a physician.
hold on to taking your vitamin c, but tell your doctor, this way he or she can prescribe a higher dose if it does not work ample (20mg is fairly low). Antacids should be taken with precaution because it can increase the amount of drug in your bloodstream when taken next to it, but won't necessarily mean it will work better.

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