Ventricular system enlarged?

I'm 15, and I just got results back from an MRI. It said I have an enlarged ventricular system.
What does this mean?
Are there any negative effects from have an enlarged ventricular system?

To answer this question, surrounded by the absence of your entire medical history would be ridiculous.

Fifteen year olds don't get MRI's on their brain for no reason. I suspect they may be looking for any structural or functional abnormalities, because there are some symptoms, such as headache, and they are concerned about Chiari misshapenness or other things that could indicate reasons you have some degree of hydrocephalus.

So, you involve to pose this question to your non-virtual (aka real-life) doctors, and insist they explain it to you as often and as thoroughly as needed for you to understand. Source(s): I reason you are discussing the brain, not the heart, right?
[answered in response to same questioner providing further information]

The ventricles are the fluid chambers inside the brain.
There are a total of four: lateral (x 2); third and fourth.
On a T2 MRI, these are the big white "butterfly wings" within the middle of the brain. (Black on T1 pictures).

When the ventricles are enlarged, this usually means a condition called "hydrocephalus" (water on the brain). However, if the enlargement is borderline the radiologist will just voice "enlarged ventricular system".

I suspect the radiologist did not have your earlier scans for comparison, if not a comment would have been made about this.

Without any further information, I would say-so your ventricles are unchanged. Why? Because your tumour was treated so long ago, and because you have no contemporary symptoms, and because there was no mention of any other new findings on the scan.

The enlarged ventricles are relatein seventh heavenhe condition you had many years ago. It is not of concern if you are well and here is no change in the scan.

Good luck!
The Ventricular System is a system of blood vessels that irrigate the brain.
Wikipedia says that it was found surrounded by persons suffering from schizophrenia witch is an illness that causes the brain to misinterpret realness as fiction and fiction as reality (The person is unable to distinguish this by himself nor can he be convinced otherwise).

I individually would look deeper into this cause as the enlargement factor is to be considered here, in the sense of how enlarged from normal as this may or may not penny-pinching anything in particular besides the brain being better feed with blood. Source(s):
It could simply mean that you are well conditioned. Do you do a lot of aerobic exercise approaching running or swimming? But, you'll need to meet with your physician to put the results into the proper perspective. Source(s): RN

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