Adderall generic b-972 vs cor-132?

I'm so mad that one medicine w/ several generic versions and the brand itself can adjectives pretty much act like different medications.

My first experience be with the cor generic. On that I was very focused, motivated to verbs my house and do what I needed to do.

This time it's the b-972 generic. It doesn't seem to be doing much.

On the cor generic I would take 2 10mg in the morning, next a 10 at noon and 10 evening.

On the b-972 (barr brand I guess), do I need to take more or does it not work as economically or motivate you to clean the house, etc?

I took 20mg (2 of the 10's) about 2 hours ago, and only surface some awakeness, but that's pretty much it.
yea take more. but dont do alot at once. take one wait after thirty mins later pop again Source(s): personal experience ;)

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