NYLF prescription program?

Okay so i got this big letter in the communication saying how i have been standard to attend (NYLF/MED). I was reading it and i am so confused about almost everything. Does anyone know how i even got permitted in the first place because i have never even heard of this program. Are we required to know any framework knowledge before attending this? Finally, is it worth the money we are going to pay because i looked at the tuition amount and it is mode over my limit?
Thank you so much!
Hey, I actually did this program quite a long time ago. These programs know you because nearby are databases of students and their possible interests. You might have told your guidance counselor that you are interested in medicine and that information be probably sent into the database for these people to find you. It's also how some colleges advertise to students with rather good grades.

The NYLF program was pretty fun, but I don't know if it was worth it. You do obtain to see some neat things, and I guess it's something to put on your resume for college. I forgot how much it was, but if it is out of your budget, then you're really not skipping out on much. Basically, it be a fun summer where I got to hang out next to people, and just discuss with other large school kids about certain medical topics. I denote, high school kids don't really know anything about tablets, and there really is nothing you will learn in that that will give you any advantage over the other students who are not in it.

I enjoy myself, but it was just a nice thing to do over the summer. Like I said, if it's out of your budget, I wouldn't recommend it.

Oh yea. Jujubees is correct about the nomination. Some of the teachers in your institution will have some sort of affiliation with NYLF. One of them has nominated you to be part of the pack of this program, probably because of your high grades, or interest in medicine. I'm sorry I forgot- it's be a few years since I went. My math teacher was the one who have nominated me. But like I said, it was nice, but nothing extraordinary.
I would, however, recommend you do something this summer. As a college applicant, it is comparatively important that you show you are not just sitting around doing nothing over your summers. If money is tight, win a job - and something respectful. I'm sure McDonald's might be hiring, but it's hardly a great job. Even if they are not compensated, try going into an internship position at some company. Look around. There are a lot of things you can do. Source(s): I did the NYLF/MED in Philadelphia in 2002
Yes, I get the nomination/enrollment info a few months ago. You were nominated by a teacher, and sometimes it says what mentor nominated you in the letter. If you are really interested in going into drug for a career, it might interest you. I wanted to go so doomed to failure but my family can't afford it. It is usually $2,500 not including meals and other expenses like airfare/driving to the location of the session. It will look appropriate on a college application, but I don't know if it's worth the money or not because I haven't gone to it... I wish I could go though!!

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