What are two kind of solutions that may be administered to patients by intravenous injection?

I need help on a lab question for my microbiology class.
Name at lowest possible two kinds of solutions that may be administered to patients by intravenous injection and therefore must be sterile.
How would you know if they were not sterile?
Watching the food network, I have bookish that coconut water can be administered intravenously. And that this was used by the military in world period of war 2 as a short term hydration fluid, when saline wasn't readily available.
LRS (Lactated Ringers Solution) and NaCl (Sodium Chloride).
If you are surrounded by a microbiology class open up a fresh bag and using sterile technique use a loop and inoculate a agar plate. If something grows on the plate then the shoulder bag was contaminated. But you also need to do a control plate because the microorganism in the room can grow on a plate by exposure. If the shoulder bag is contaminated it is a manufacturing problem. That is bad news for a long-suffering. A patient can develop septicemia and or infective endorcarditits.
Two types of solutions would be crystalloid (LR, saline) and colloid (albumin) solutions.
You can't communicate sterility by looking, but it's suspicious if the solution is cloudy, or if the integrity of the packaging has been compromised.
sodium chloride & dextrose; manufacturers use sterile technique when packaging these products if not then they will place a retract on the product & lot number or
maybe you're talking about antibiotic solutions and IV throbbing medications

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