Un-oxygenated blood: Blue vs. Dark Red?

Why is there such a huge controversy about the color of unoxygenated blood? All over the internet there are forum arguments almost the color of unoxygenated blood. Some say it is blue and others say it is dark red and basically looks blue through the veins. I have a textbook here that says unoxygenated blood is gloomy red, but I swear after my first child was born I got an infection and I got blood drawn at a hospital and I freaked out because it looked black. But it be really just dark blue. I can tell the difference between unlit red and dark blue. Any comments?
I agree. Dark red is unoxygenated. Bright red is oxygenated Source(s): it's basic physiology
Venous or oxygenated blood is depicted as blue in anatomy charts because it is easier to see the difference the major vessel that carry primarily oxygenated blood. In reality it is not as cut and dried as that because blood that the body has used for oxygenation is not in actual fact completely depleted of oxygen. In real life arterial or oxygenated blood is brighter red in color that deoxygenated or venous blood.

I assume your belief of your blood when you had a blood draw might have been influenced by the color of the tube or simply a visual mistake on your part.
If you totally vacuum all the oxygen off the blood it appears BLACK. No air of red. (It is awesome.) The vacuum vial only vacuums off a small amount of the oxygen. That is why it appeared so dark.
Meth-hemoglogin containing blood is BLUE, specifically a disease found in the Appalachians
Deoxygenated blood is dark red, this blood is found in the vein. Oxygenated blood is bright red (unless the patient has severe respiratory failure) and found in arteries. Source(s): PA surrounded by surgical critical care- I see venous and arterial blood every day
Blue blood is present in octopi, but not contained by humans. Dead (or almost dead) people have blood that is really, really unlit, almost black, but it's still red. Just very dark red.

Are you an octopus? That would explain the blue blood. Humans' blood is red. Always. It's because of the iron in the hemoglobin. (Octopi own copper based oxygen carrying proteins, and that's why their blood is blue)
Yes I agree with previous post. I am a doctor and you be dreaming when you saw blue. There is no such thing as blue blood. The vein looks blue not the blood.

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